16 April 2010

dumprings are dericious

when you're over a 13-hour plane ride from the closest chinese city, and you need a dumpling fix, you can get the real deal at qing hua, right here in downtown montreal. good gao-zhi (餃子) are hard to find in this neck of the woods that aren't made at home by chinese popos (婆婆) or maa-maas (嫲嫲)1.

freshly made everyday, the good people at qing hua know their dumplings and very likely serve up some of the most authentic ones in the city.
an and entire chowhound thread on this place means that it's worth a detour.

after they changed locales last summer from their miniscule st-marc st location to their present-day lincoln st. one, they added service staff (which is a big plus, considering that it takes on average a good 20 minutes to cook your order).

[i was skeptical of these chicken curry dumplings but after one bite, i became an instant fan.]

you can get them steamed (recommended for this type of dumpling), boiled (ok, but inferior to steamed), or fried (for an extra $1.50, i think). highly recommended are the lamb and coriander dumplings as well as the pork and anise ones. prices are very reasonable (ranging from $7.99 to $12.99 for 15 or 18 dumprings).

for the same price as on their menus, you can bring home twice as many frozen versions of the same dumplings so you can burn your mouth at home when you bite into one of these steamed pockets of yum!

1(actually, chinese families from the south don't often make this style of dumplings so to name cantonese grandmothers is slightly misleading and evil of me. however, it is occasionally permitted to be so).  

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  1. hmmmmmmm dumplings! i like how you have a nice burst of soup once you bite into it.