28 April 2010

better butter is better

remember that butter-themed tongue-twister rhyme from your childhood that began with "betty botter bought some butter..."?

remember how she said the butter was bitter and that if she incoprorated it in her mysterious batter that it would result in a bitter batter? and that quality butter would be the only resolution for improving the result of the batter?

anyways... here's an example of some sweet sweet butter-based batter (or dough, rather) is the fancy-arse kouign amann (breton for butter cake).and oh what a cake it is! so decadently delicious dat you dare double the dosage and die.

the breton bakery where this one is from (pâtisserie kouign amann) sells them in slices like pizza. i don't think i would have the patience to make one of these things (dough, butter, sugar, roll, wait... dough, butter, sugar, roll, wait... rinse and repeat...), but i can definitely walk or run to the bakery that makes these sweet, flaky cakes of artery-cloggers.

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