24 April 2011

Easter marshmallow kebabs

You won't believe what I've finally seen for the first time ever: Peeps (be forewarned: the site plays slightly annoying Danny Elfman-esque inspired music*)! The Americans have finally invaded downtown Canada!

[Yellow Peeps... kind of gross since they're all conjoined at the wing.]

I have long heard about these baby fowl-shaped marshmallow things through Frawley but had never seen them in the flesh until this week. I thought they would make great skewered treat!

[Remember to thread head through bottom for optimal stability.]

And for extra crispness, a brief scorching over open flames!**

[Toasted Easter marshmallow kababs!]

And there, you have a great little caremelized marshmallow kebab to share with the kiddies!

Happy day of messianic resurrection!

* I love love love Danny Elfman but the Peeps music is nowhere near Danny Elfman calibre.
** CHILDREN: Do not try this without adult supervision.