10 January 2013

'Dangerous' shortcut pressure-cooked pulled pork

A new year and a new resolution! This year, I resolve to experiment with more dangerous techniques that endanger my safety and those around me, but make my food even more delicious. The Mayans were wrong and now, to reap the benefits!

Wimps, such as Gabe who constantly asks me how to cook stuff, however, are scared of kitchen implements that actually facilitate food preparation for busy home cooks. In this case, pulled pork made not in an oven, nor in a slow cooker, but rather in a pressure cooker.
[Pulling the pork. You can do it!]
Pressure cookers, as we know, when use improperly, can explode and maim, which is why one should follow all precautions when using them.

(The subtitle for this entry should be Why Gabe does not own any sharp knives. The answer to that question, folks, is because he is a wimp. The smirk on his face just says "Can't I just use scissors?"...)
[Gabe the meat-lover and carnivore wimp]
For a 4.5lb (3kg) chunk of pork butt, I would say a good hour and half (vs. 4 to 8 hours on a grill or in an oven or slow cooker). The only downside is that any amount of sugar (be it from the brine, the spices, or the BBQ sauce) will likely burn at the bottom of the pot while the meat cooks.
[You reading this caption probably took longer than this pulled pork sandwich topped with some random coleslaw existed IRL.]
I probably should have read Miss Vickie's pressure cooker tips on how to avoid scorching my food before trying this the first three times; she recommends lowering the temperature to the lowest temperature required to maintain pressure as soon as your pressure is attained. Also her PIP (pan-in-pan) technique might come in useful; perhaps I shall try AlfoillingingIP (aluminium foil in pan) technique next attempt (soon to be patented if it works).

(Meanwhile, check out these fab recipes for pulled pork from Amazing Ribs, Chefs George Siu & Park Heffelfinger from Memphis Blues (VAN), or BBQ guru Steve Raichlen.)