31 March 2013

Easter bunny face egg surprise ending

I picked these egg molds up in Tokyo, at Tokyu Hands, also known as the best store in the world. They came in handy for making Easter-themed gobbledygook.

[Bunny and teddy bear face egg moulds (yudetama gokko)]
Basically, take some boiled chicken eggs, peel them while they're warm and then plop them in these kawaii-shaped molds called yudetama gokko, which is Japanese for "make your food cute so people don't think it tastes gross" (though the Interwebs tells me the alternate meaning is "boiled egg make-believe").

Drop them in ice water for 10 minutes or refrigerate them until they're cool. Then you can unmold them and destroy their cuteness, as you wish.
[Ugly egg Easter bearface and bunny. I don't know how to order these adjectives anymore.]
Here comes the kicker:
[Original Juan cayenne hot sauce photobomb (it's not that hot but it's pretty tasty)]
And the money shot.
[Caesar-flavoured hot sauce boiled eggs shaped like cute animals. There must be an adult film about this. ]
No chocolate eggs for me, thanks... only the real deal with hot sauce this holiday. Happy delicious Easter, folks!