17 August 2008

lobsters from prince edward island

on holiday in the province of prince edward island in the east coast of canada, a lone provincial island in the gulf of st. lawrence... home of l. m. montgomery's anne of green gables, red dirt, white-sand beaches, etc, etc.

i had the pleasure of experiencing a typical neverending lobster supper in new glasgow, PEI which comprised of all you can eat:

- dinner rolls and bread (surprisingly good rolls)

- mussels

- seafood chowder

- coleslaw and potato salad (and something that claimed to be garden salad)

- dessert (here is blueberry pie with blueberry frozen yogurt)

and your choice of main course between 1 lb, 1.5 lb, or 2 lb delicious atlantic lobster, or some other nonsense like roast beef, roast chicken... standard island fare, but very little compares to fresh boiled lobster dipped in melted butter.

oh and you get a bib if you ask.

and a heart attack if you don't.