11 July 2011

Apfelwein: the conclusion

Because I'm a busy chow, I totally forgot about the results of the Apfelwein that was concocted late last year -- you know, the German alcoholic wine made from apple juice and love.

I'm glad to say that the Apfelwein turned out quite nicely -- not sweet or very bubbly like cider, and slightly harder.

[A sampling of the resulting Apfelwein. I sampled it well.]

You can mix it with juice, cold or warm, but the real men drink it straight up in ribbed glasses to hide the cloudiness of the drink. I don't have one of those so I just use my moustache.

It's easy to make your own Apfelwein and get your own drink on! All you need is home brewing equipment (which you can get at La Choppe à Barrock, Moût International (turn off your sound before clicking unless you like cheese), La Cachette du Bootlegger, or some other fine local homebrew shop), and patience (which you can purchase by sending me a cheque or money order for $100).

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