12 March 2011

m-m-m-my my my macarons

i've been spoiled! my cousin* rayray brought a boxful of ladurée's famous macarons back from paris, just in time for my birthday!

(the most intriguing flavour in the batch was cardamom but it was fantastic.)

and it also came in a new purse:

[fact(ually unproven): 96% of women in hong kong use paper shopping bags for purses. they are frequently filled with wallets, lunches, dried orange peels, fake eyebrows and ugly stuffed animals.]

* again, he's not exactly blood-related but closely related-enough that i can scold him for his foibles.


  1. er... no but i attempted to make some, if you want some of those! chocolate with chocolate+prune purée.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday. How thoughtful is your cousin. Those macarons are lovely and colorful.