17 January 2011

the last slice (of sectionable foodstuffs)

over the holidays (btw, happy 2011 to you all), i received criticisms from the complaint department that my blog is boring. i have since terminated that department and critic.

to celebrate his dismissal, i made a celebratory cake (modeled after belle of the bakery's version of the brooklyn brownout)! unfortunately, there wasn't much left by the time we finished celebrating.

[the last remaining piece of brooklyn brownout cake, maybe in the city, but it's long gone now.]

most everyone knows that the last slice of cake, pie or other divisible foodstuffs with nerdy arc lengths is always the most coveted... that the most delicious bite is the one that you can't ever have again... and that a chocolate layer cake will never go to waste1

[brooklyn brownout cake = x^(brownies*ganache) ∫[2* (layers of mocha chocolate cake) / √(brownies*ganache)]

(i think the derivative to that differential is x=cake makes people crazy).

1 watch until the end.


  1. I have a truly amazing proof of your conjecture "x=cake"

    Unfortunately, this comment box is too small to hold it.

  2. i would like to see that in writing. on paper. due 3pm. friday.

  3. That clumsy baker man is doomed to drop his chocolate layer cakes down those accursed stairs for all time. No one gets any cake, and the children mock him with their numbers-counting song. He did not ask for this Sisyphean task, and yet he perseveres, balancing his cakes at the clarion call of their damned numbers-counting song. Confound them all!