16 December 2010

'tis the season to get groggy!

it's december: the season for embarrassing office holiday parties and to get your drink on.

speaking of drinks, there's a carboy full of apple juice that's been sitting around fermenting, taking up space and getting old in my house for the last 3 months, like a disenchanted teen at the last birthday party for a senior citizen. it's about time it get its arse in gear and be delicious apfelwein. 

[apfelwein day 1: the yeast has just begun!]

apfelwein is a german version of apple cider that isn't as sweet and definitely more tart, and sometimes served warmed with spices like a toddy. this one will be consumed like an apfelwein should -- straight up like a giraffe sinking in quicksand!

[apfelwein day 4: the yeast, post-juice binging]

the apple wine is now bottled and aging more and should be ready for consumption shortly. i'll let you know when it's been getrunken...

(i would have taken more photos of that stuff aging but murky brown liquid reminiscent of swamp water makes terrible blog material. in fact, nearly 99% of stuff that makes it into blogs in general doesn't need to be on the internets; this is true because the internets told me it was.)

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