08 September 2010

hot naan from the bbq

the nearby grocery chain sells chewy, frozen naan bread for the rip off price of $1.99 for two little breads, each the size of a pancake. double-you-tee-eff is all i have to say.

in the spirit of diy and corporate defiance, i made my own fresh and hot naan on the bbq (that's indian bread and not anything else, pervs).

i followed this overly-joyous chef's norecipe guidelines:

[the colourful chef sanjay from!]

unlike my east indian neighours, i don't own a tandoor and would probably burn my place down if used one, but the bbq generates enough heat to imitate one. paired with a pizza stone and you've got finger-lickin' naan at your fingertips (as long as you don't put your hands in the bbq while they're cooking)!

tips: make sure the bbq is hot -- at least 500F (~260C). pop them in on a baking sheet or on the hot pizza stone and keep the bbq closed until you're ready to flip it, which should be about after 2 minutes. (oryou can also follow in chef sanjay's advice and use a piping-hot oven).

[more on indian bread coming soon... with special indian friend, rishi-rish!]


  1. I've been looking for a way to do this. Glad you've vetted one.

    I can't wait to try it out this weekend!

  2. Your Indian neighbors have tandoors in their homes? That's awesome. But hey, this is fun too. As long as it tastes good! :-)

  3. some of my neighbours have precarious makeshift tandoors outside, and if i threw a stone, it might hit a neighbour with an indoor tandoor. tasting good is what's important!