17 May 2010

soapstuff so delicious, you can eat it!

(ok, so maybe you can't *really* eat it, but i can tell you it doesn't really taste that good anyways...)

my most awesome friend tara (who is an amazing photographer and craftslady) introduced me to these deliciously-scented inedible soap products made by a swedish company newfoundland and labrador called tvål (i know, i know: swedish + newfoundland is a totally foreign combination but it totally works).

one whiff of these hand-crafted soaps and you'll want to lick them clean, like this blueberry-basil cupcake soap.

[there's a little pumpkin-scented marshmallow-shaped bubble bath thing at the bottom of the photo that i would have eaten...]

in addition to these torturously inedible goods, tvål also produce a line of natural mineral cosmetics and you can sample them all by ordering off their site:

(for those in the know, there's a retail tvål store in downtown toronto that peddles the st. john's-made wares.)

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