03 June 2010

once a tart, always a tart

who doesn't love the sweet tartness and mouth-watering flavour of strawberries (other than those deathly allergic to the fruit and maybe koalas...)?

strawberry season is well under way in this neck of the woods. what better way to celebrate them than to eat them?

bounty and seascape are apparently the most popular variety of strawberry plants grown in quebec (about 90% of the fall crop are of the seascape variety, and the majority of the summer )a, and are a type of day neutral plant. the ones usually sold in nurseries for home gardens are usually everbearings, sold as "double-bloomers! twice in one season!" but the fruits are often smaller and the plants don't produce as many runners.

i have double-bloomers but i don't remember what variety they are. either way, i had do something with the berries i got. 

on 5 ingredient fix, that nice lady who has a julia roberts-like talking hole made three things using pizza dough (i didn't know this show existed until a month ago). these mini strawberry mascarpone tarts was one.

super simple technique: roll some sugar into prepared pizza dough, cut it out into rounds, then bake. top the cooled rounds with mascarpone, and then some strawberries that have been tossed with a bit of sugar. drizzle with good quality balsamic vinegar. and then eat.

any leftover strawberries should be eaten or cooked down. but anyone with extra strawberries should probably be punched in the nose.

aaccording to the strawberry and raspberry growers association of quebec.

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  1. Perfect! I have some mascarpone in the fridge that needs a purpose in life. thanks.