30 March 2010

you'll never know a good cannolo until you meet one

one hungry afternoon, i felt an appetite for destruction coming on and so i bought some cannoli from alati-caserta to satiate me. boy, did i destroy those things...shredded them like a ninja turtle on a pizza delivery boy

[4 cannoli with ricotta and chocolate bits crema]

alati-caserta are undeniably one of the best cannoli-makers in town1. crunchy rolls of fried dough stuff with a crema made of sweetened ricotta and magic... oh the delight! (though i have heard that some people have been diluting the crema with miracle whip which sounds terrible in itself! barf!)

[the same box of cannoli 20 minutes after purchase]

my friend benny "the sicilian" says there's only "tree places in this city" that you can get good sicilian cannoli, and that the best ones in the world come from palermo (after all, sicily is the birthplace of the cannoli); obtaining a world-class cannolo from palermo, however, might put a dent in my carbon footprint.

however, next time i get hungry for cannoli again, i'm going to my friend's place (aka mamma luigi's house). stay tuned, cause i need to catch up on my yearly cannoli quota soon before i fall behind...

1this in reference only to retail outlets. if i counted homemade ones, then mamma luigi's is tops. sometimes i wish she were my adoptive italian mom.

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