06 January 2010

foodies of the web unite!

food bloggers bootyroll call!

the food blog blog is an impressive and comprehensive anthology of anglo-centric food bloggers that i'm not going to list off. the foodie blog roll has a slightly more internationally-flavoured list of blogs, which i'm also not going to list off. there's just too many of us out there, which imho is a good thing.

i'm sure thare are more of the ilk, but i have work to do and don't feel like trowelling through google results for "food blogs" ("flogs" which might result in soft pr0n or self-flagellation videos).

[pas rapport picture of spinach and bacon flatbread from tory row, boston, ma.]

(btw, i am not on either of these lists (and neither is my good friend la popoteuse) because they are haters, but we're bigger haters than them... well at least i am. you ask, how does it feel to be overlooked and under-appreciated? it feels like a child receiving a box of underpants on christmas day, surrounded by other kids who each got nintendo ds systems)'s list of noteworthy (anglo) montreal food bloggers offers a small sampling of local food lovers -- too small a sampling, if you ask me. but i am too humble to make a fuss of it.

(that title reminds of this high-larious banner).

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